CDI 3* / 2* / U25 / Y / J / P / Ch / AM

from 11-13 FEBRUARY 2022

We look forward to welcoming you to the Pôle Européen du Cheval for this first 3* CDI of our 2022 season.

The competition will take place indoors in the Grand Hall and the Manege Orange


Entries are to be made via the FEI Entry System by your respective federations. For non-invited federations, it is possible to request an invitation from Marie H, csimarieh@gmail.com

Final entries will be validated provided that the accreditation form is completed by03/02/22

. (more information in the accreditation section)

  • An accreditation form will be available on this site from 24 January 2022, where each rider will have to declare their attendants, make their stable requests and declare their arrival time....
  • This form is part of the registration and MUST be completed by each rider by 03/02/22. After this date, your entry may be automatically cancelled without refund.
  • No requests will be considered by mail or telephone.

Accreditations authorised by Athletes:

Athlete: 1

Partner: 1

Groom: 1 per 3 horses

Horse Owner: 2 two (2) accreditations per horse acc. to FEI-Passport

  • Horses will be able to arrive from Thursday 10 February at 9.00 am
  • In accordance with EHV-1 rule no. 10, athletes/grooms must complete on the FEI Horse app:
    1. le formulaire d'auto-certification de bonne santé du cheval
    2. Indicate the temperature for the 3 days prior to their arrival at an FEI event.
  • Upon arrival, the horses will be checked by a veterinarian before entering the stables. Time slots are set up to organise your arrival.


Monday 24/01/22 (French riders via FFE Compet)

Closing of Entries:

Monday 31/01/22 (French riders via FFE Compet)

Tuesday 01/02/22 (Other riders via FEI Entry system)

Accreditation form:

Thursday 03/02/22

End for health paper request:

Monday 31/01/22

Stables opening:

Thursday 10/02/22

Horse inspection:

Thursday 10/02/22


Friday 11/02/22 to Sunday 13/02/22

Stables closing:

Monday 14/02/22

The times and arenas will be specified after the closing of entries according to the number ofstarters.


The COVID protocol will be updated according to the regulations in force at the time of the competition.

Check the site regularly for the latest evolutions.

We remind you that dogs are not allowed in the stables and catering areas.

They must be kept on a lead throughout the rest of the site.

For obvious reasons of respect and good manners, we also remind the owners that it is necessary to pick up dog poop all over the site and especially in the arenas, paths, ....

As a reminder, extract from the FEI regulations:

(Art; 109.13 GRs: All dogs must be leashed and affixed to a human or stationnary object. Violation of this rule will incurr a fine of CHF 100 per offence and, in case of a repeated offence at the event, may lead to exclusion from venue).

In order to enter the French territory, it is necessary to respect the health regulations in force.

The rules of entry vary according to one's provenance. for more information see this site and this site


Accommodation is available on site.

For more information, contact Victoire:


Please visit the Pôle Européen du Cheval website for more information on accommodation.


SANITARY PASS REQUIRED Depending on the regulations in force in France, the health regulations may change. Do not hesitate to consult our website regularly in order to be informed.

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